RB2.5- 14 KT Bail .17+- Grams for Nuggets .25 to 1.5 Grams - 2.75x4MM "Rabbit"
RB2.5- 14 KT Bail .17+- Grams for Nuggets .25 to 1.5 Grams - 2.75x4MM "Rabbit"
RB2.5- 14 KT Bail .17+- Grams for Nuggets .25 to 1.5 Grams - 2.75x4MM "Rabbit"
RB2.5- 14 KT Bail .17+- Grams for Nuggets .25 to 1.5 Grams - 2.75x4MM "Rabbit"

RB2.5- 14 KT Bail .17+- Grams for Nuggets .25 to 1.5 Grams - 2.75x4MM "Rabbit"

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Rabbit style 14 KT Bail .17+- Grams for Nuggets .25 to 1.5 gram categories -  2.75 x 4 mm Bail Size. 

Did you know that making your nugget into Jewelry grade pendant increases the total value?

Nuggets by Grant - Make Your Own Gold Nugget Pendant.  

Step 1 Select Your Nugget 

Step 2 Select which bail you like best and fits this piece

Step 3 Add them both in the cart at the same time at check out

Step 4 add in the notes or send us in a screen shot of where you want the bails during the shipping notes.  You can also put in Jewelers discretion and we will have are expert jewelers chose which spot works best and will hold.  Also which spot will fill the best when wearing and look good as well.  


Watch the video Here 






It is good for nuggets larger than 10 grams. This 14KT top can be placed on any large nugget. My name is Grant and my family owns a company called OROCAL which has been buying and selling thousands of ounces of Genuine Gold Nuggets each year since the 1960's. In November of 2013 I opened up my Gold Nugget store. With thousands of satisfied customers I will continue to strive to provide the highest quality, largest selection and best priced gold nuggets on . Through using my connections from Orocal I can gain access to Nuggets in regions such as Alaska, Canada , and Australia directly from the miners ranging in sizes from small fines to 40 ounce nuggets. If your looking for a specific size I am sure to have it in the quality, value, and selection you desire. When you buy from me you will be guaranteed your nugget is genuine and not a man-made imitation with a certificate of authenticity backed by Orocal the number 1 natural gold Jewelry company in the World. ? What is a Natural Gold Nugget It is a piece of gold that broke out of quartz deposits within the earth when erosion took place. It also goes by the name Placer Gold and each piece is a one of a kind with no two being exactly alike. Where can they be found? Wherever the effects of erosion took place. That would include rivers, streams, ancient dried up river channels and underground riverbeds. How pure are they. Gold nuggets range from 65 to 95 fine 16-23KT gold and can have other mineral content such as silver and copper mixed in with it.  What sizes do they come in. Gold Nuggets come in all sizes, the smaller one range in sizes from 1 millimeter up to 6 and is often referred to as flakes. Bigger flakes are called nuggets and have been found as large as 2500 ounces although almost all nuggets bigger than 300 ounces were melted.  How Are Natural Gold.

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