Gold Coin 1/10th troy oz. .999 Gold
Gold Coin 1/10th troy oz. .999 Gold
Gold Coin 1/10th troy oz. .999 Gold
Gold Coin 1/10th troy oz. .999 Gold

Gold Coin 1/10th troy oz. .999 Gold

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1/ 10th troy oz coins

The 10th/oz Gold

The Lady Liberty design by Ron Parr was originally created by the Old Glory Mint (no longer in business) and remains an original design that you can find no where else.  Liberty is often depicted as a female classic goddess. Lady Liberty is truly a beautiful ideal as depicted in this image and is the ideal Americans have fought so hard to achieve. Without eternal vigilance in keeping it is easy to lose it.

The Difference between Freedom and Liberty

 Liberty is often considered the same as freedom but there is a distinct difference.  We all have freedom to make choices and that is a natural ability or Right given by our Creator. With freedom we can choose a myriad of things between evil or good. When we use our freedom to make choices that are good it protects our other God given natural rights. These choices protect against theft, destruction and death. It leads to life and prosperity.

When we use our freedom to choose things that are evil we can violate and encroach upon the Rights and property of others. This will lead to tyranny and destruction and poverty for those who live by those choices.  Although we are free to choose we are not free to choose the consequence.  We are free to reap the choices we sow.

Liberty happens when we have chosen to live in such a way that maximum life, freedoms and prosperity are achieved for all those who participate.

Contains 1/10th oz of .9999 fine Gold
Protective airtight capsule
*These rounds are privately minted. Some coins may contain blemishes.

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