A Brief Insight into the Different Types of Gold Nuggets

A Brief Insight into the Different Types of Gold Nuggets

When it comes to choosing investment options, buying gold could be the right choice for you. Since the prices of gold are less volatile in comparison to other assets, you can secure your savings and earn profits by investing in gold coins or nuggets.

A gold nugget isn’t pure gold and is formed when liquid gold travels through the cracks of rocks. These are made up of around 95% of gold whereas the rest of it usually contains silver or copper.

Types of Gold Nuggets

Before you look at any gold nuggets for sale, make sure you’re aware of their different varieties. Following are some of its common varieties:

·      Nuggets in Quartz

Nuggets are rarely bought and sold since it’s not easy to determine their actual gold content. Nuggets are formed when gold is deposited in a continuous vein. Quartz nuggets are usually white in color, but a high percentage of sulfides can create more of a brown or black appearance.

·      Nuggets in Ironstone

Nuggets in laterite are the most common variety of gold nuggets. These are formed due to deposition of gold and erosion of rocks by chemical reactions.

They are quite attractive in their appearance, which is why a majority of investors prefer buying this type of gold nugget. They usually have concave or convex facets and contain black or reddish ironstone. It’s the cheapest form of gold nugget since it has the highest content of ironstone.

These gold nuggets can be found on the surface. However, nuggets present a few feet below the earth’s surface also contain aluminum and calcite.

·      Nuggets in Glacial Streams

As the name suggests, these nuggets are formed in the freezing cold glacial streams of Alaska and New Zealand. They are the least pure of all other varieties of gold nuggets and have no regular shape. If you don’t have a big budget, you can consider investing in this type of gold.

Quick Tips to Buy Gold Nuggets

If you’re looking for gold nuggets for sale, here are a few quick tips to help you safely buy them:

  • Buy gold from a trusted, reputable seller, to ensure authenticity and quality
  • Determine the gold content of nugget before buying it, and if in doubt, ask the supplier for further clarification
  • The appearance of nugget defines its value, with more attractive, larger nuggets holding a higher value for obvious reasons
  • Ask the seller about its origin – if the seller is distant, or is vague about origin, then nugget may be inauthentic or misrepresented

Buying gold nuggets is safe, and can be a great investment option as long as you’re cautious. In order to protect yourself from fraud, follow our previous steps, and if you have questions about the authenticity of a nugget, always look for a guarantee, like our certificate of authenticity.

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