Schindler Gold Ring (5mm)

Schindler Gold Ring (5mm)

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5mm Schindler Gold Ring

  • Stamped with signature Schindler “S”, the creek the gold is from, and gold purity
  • Made with .880 purity (raw gold) or .999 purity (24 karat) gold
  • Available in sizes 5-15

We make each ring custom to your order. 


We buy our gold directly from specific Klondike and Atlin miners as rare natural high karat nuggets found in ancient creek beds. We craft it here in Skagway, Alaska.

At Schindler Gold, we break the mold on jewelry. We price our jewelry to reflect the value of the gold itself, rather than the crafting of the gold.


When you purchase a piece of Schindler Gold jewelry, you are making a smart investment in gold that has both enduring value and utility.


Raw gold in nature is never pure. It’s a combination of silver and other trace elements. The gold in our jewelry is true to the creek from which it was mined. The purity of the gold will vary widely from creek to creek.

However, we only use the highest assay and purity of Klondike or Atlin gold.


Raw gold feels different than factory-made 14k gold.

It’s heavier, it’s softer, it’s comforting, it’s decadent, it’s a difference that can only be understood by the touch.

It is just as nature created it: luxurious high karat natural gold.