#OM-140-Crystalline Gold Nugget Specimen 4.78 Grams Oriental Mine Sierra County California Rare

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Rare Crystalline Gold Nugget Specimen Weighing 8.49 Grams with Crystals and Small Piece of Quartz. 

From the Sierra Mining District in California these pieces come from the Oriental Mine.

When purchased please handle with care as this form of gold with the specimen the crystals's are very delicate. It will be ship inside a jewelry box with foam to keep it safe during shipment and we recommend displaying it inside a small clear case.This gold crystalline nugget was found in the Sierra Mining District of Northern California. Crystalline gold is really coarse gold in its most natural state before being exposed to the elements and eroded by the weather. This makes this form of gold highly valuable since placer gold, which is a more common form of the metal, has been weathered by glaciers, floods, rains and other erosive processes. Crystalline gold is the rarest and most beautiful form of natural gold. To a collector, crystallized gold is worth many times the value of gold nuggets of similar weight! Gold found in California is often in quartz, which is typically a hard rock, mined in vertical or horizontal shafts. This contrasts with placer (loose gold, often nuggets) and fine gold that has been recovered by hydraulic mining.

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